How far back should a resume go

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Your resume, what you say in the interview, even the above test task the manager learns all this from your mouth. Is it true what you say or write? And will you be just as good when you are hired, as in an interview or test assignments? These are all risk factors, and no one likes to risk. There is a simple way to dispel manager’s doubts to show an example of your activity from the everyday, real world. Post your CVs to your resume on professional social networks such as LinkedIn, societies like or Habrahabr. If you have open source projects go ahead, show that you can write good code not in words but in deeds! We should also say about StackOverflow.

From a SO profile, a manager or technician can learn your most powerful skills, see code examples, assess overall competence and ability to articulate thoughts clearly. And all this is not based on the resume you wrote, but on the basis of your actual activity. Recently here, on, “disassembly” between HRs and workers began to appear more and more often. Each side believes that it is they who do a favor to the opposite side. Workers say “as if I need them, and not me!” HRs answer “there are always candidates, and so it’s not bad without you!” Guys, you agree on mutually beneficial cooperation. The company wants some results.

The employee wants to receive remuneration for their work. Nobody forces you, everything is done voluntarily. And when it comes to hiring, it is beneficial to both parties. Why, then, so often does one side behave arrogantly (or, as is the case with juniors, belittle) before the other? I will not describe how such unequal relations look like on the part of the candidate I think everyone will decide for himself. But as usually arrogant or degraded candidates from the employer look like: “I am a super cool developer, very smart and very experienced.

Love and read!” arrogant, heavy in communication, most likely that will not work with the team. “I am ready to work 12 hours a day just to pay for a rented apartment and feed my 5 children. Please take me to work!” if you are ready to recycle for pennies, then most likely nothing really knows how. And when will it work, if all the time they think about their 5th children! Hence the conclusion: communicate with the manager on an equal footing. As partners who want to make a mutually beneficial exchange of labor for material wealth.